Divorce with Children


Dynasty Legal Documents provide affordable divorce package rates. We are there for you during this entire period including preparing your documents, court filings (upon request), coordinate services, appropriately track the time periods and deliver to your assigned judge.

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Your divorce doesn't need to be costly.

Regardless of how the divorce came about, you don’t have to let it bankrupt you during the process. File your divorce with Dynasty Legal Documents and you can rest assured you paperwork is done correctly and to full completion. Focus on your children and adjustments to the new lifestyle, we got your back.

Worry free document preparation. 

Avoiding expensive document costs with a DLD affordable divorce in Arizona is easy. We are here for you the entire process. Start to finish.

Get you on the right path to adjusting to your new environment.

Dynasty Legal Document preparation is here to provide general information to help you get started or comfortable with the process.

Sometimes referenced as Dissolution of Marriage

No matter the name, we still make sure your divorce is handled correctly.