Probate Services


Arizona Probate Services

Dynasty Legal Documents understands that losing a loved one can be difficult.  The process of probate can be intimidating.  Dynasty Legal Documents can help you with this process.  Our services include informal probate, formal probate, affidavit of personal property and affidavit of real property.  We provide all documents needed to open probate with the court, set up publication, provide notice to heirs and creditors, send required documents to Arizona Department of Revenue, draft inventory and appraisement, and prepare all closing documents when all assets have been distributed.  Dynasty Legal Documents can help you file these documents so you are in compliance with the court order.

Training is required in order to be appointed as a personal representative.  Information regarding required training can be found at the following website:

The court requires a filing fee when the case is opened.  There are also additional fees required throughout your case such as certification fees, recording fees and such.  All fees are the responsibility of the client.  Court fees can be found at the following website:

NOTICE: We cannot work with individuals that are currently working with an attorney.