Living Trusts Document Preparation

You worked your entire life for your estate such as your home, savings and other assets. Make sure your hard-earned estate is easily passed along per your wishes. A Trust prepared by Dynasty Legal Documents will be tailored to your specific situation and with the proper care we provide, you can be sure your loved ones can focus on your incredible memory instead of dividing your left-behind possessions.

What is a Living Trust?

Living Trust Definition: According to the State Bar of Arizona, a living trust, or revocable trust, is an estate-planning arrangement under which a trustee (which can be one or more individuals and/or a bank) takes title to the assets of the original owner (the “settlor”). In most cases, the settlor is also the initial trustee. The terms of the document designate who will take over as trustee when the initial trustee is no longer willing and able to act. The settlor is often the only beneficiary during his/her life.


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    What is included in Trust Binder:

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