Formal Probate


Formal Probate

Dynasty Legal Documents will prepare your documents for your appointment as Personal Representative if Formal Probate is necessary.

The Arizona State Legislature Link to Formal Probate (Testacy):

There are several steps included in this service such as coordinating your publication of the Notice to Creditors, providing Notice to Heirs, obtaining your EIN, Proof of Notice to Heirs, Inventory and Appraisement, Release from Heirs, Instrument of Distribution and Closing Statement.  There may be additional forms necessary for litigation.

(Additional costs may include publication, court costs and certification fees)

Training for Personal Representative:

Training is required in order to be appointed as Personal Representative.  Required courses are: Non-Licensed Fiduciaries Overview and Personal Representative.  Below is the link to training:

NOTICE: We cannot work with individuals that are currently working with an attorney.