Business Agreements

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In Arizona, an Business Agreement is a legal agreement between the members and management of a company dictating their rights and obligations within the business. Usually the company will have an LLC.

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What is an Business Agreement?

Business Agreement is an essential document used in LLCs that outlines rules, regulations and provisions surrounding the business’ financial and functional decisions. A Business Agreement prepared by Dynasty Legal Documents governs the internal operations of the business in a way that suits your individual needs. Once the Business Agreement is signed the members of the limited liability company are bound to its terms.

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As stated above, this is a binding document for all members of your business.

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Have everything laid out before you start your business or create an updated version to reflect recent changes.

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A DLD Business Agreement is professionally prepared and includes all necessary laws to create peace of mind amongst its members.

What type of Business Agreements could we draft?

– Operating Agreements

– Partnership Agreements

– Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

– Articles of Organization

– Articles of Incorporation (Profit)

– Buy-Sell Agreement

– Bylaws

– Lease Agreements

– Employment Contracts

– Employee Handbooks